Thông tin tài liệu khoa học công nghệ
Nhan đề và tóm tắt Sử dụng ứng dụng Quizzi để tăng hứng thú học tập và sự tham gia của sinh viên trong quá trình học online trong giai đoạn ứng phó với đại dịch Covid
Nhan đề dịch tiếng anh Using Quizizz application to enhance students’ motivation and engagement in online learning in response to Covid pandemic
Tác giả cá nhân Nguyen Thi Huong
Tác giả tập thế
Năm xuất bản 2022
Nguồn trích Khoa học và Công nghệ (Đại học Công nghiệp Hà Nội)
Tóm tắt tiếng anh
In current pandemic era, all aspects of learning must be conducted online, including assessment. Quizizz is regarded as one of digital assessment tools or electronic classroom response systems that can be used effectively for formative assessment. The study aims at examining the online formative assessment processes used by Quizizz to practice mock English tests, as well as ascertaining students' perceptions of their learning experience with the Quizizz application. The data were collected from 97 English majored students at a Hanoi University of Industry (4 classes) during a period of home-based learning due to the COVID19 pandemic in the 1st semester, academic year 2021-2022. A study with mixed methods was used to achieve these goals. The data were collected using survey questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. The study uncovers two significant findings. First, it was confirmed that using Quizizz for formative assessment successfully increased students' performance during the teaching-learning process. Second, questionnaire and interview responses showed that students positively viewed Quizizz as an effective and engaging online formative assessment tool for checking their knowledge of the subjects. Almost all students praised Quizizz's feedback feature for promoting self-correction and self-regulated learning. This study demonstrates that Quizizz is beneficial not only for academic purposes but also for motivational purposes, as it fosters an engaging, competitive learning environment. As result, the findings of this study will suggest teachers and educators in implementing this effective method of formative assessment in EFL classrooms. Additionally, the findings may be applicable to the development of an online educational tool to facilitate students' distance learning during COVID-19 lockdowns.
Số 6A
Đặc trưng số lượng 96-102
Lĩnh vực KHCN 50302. Giáo dục chuyên biệt
Từ chuẩn/từ khóa Ứng dụng Quizzi; Tăng hứng thú; Học tập; Sự tham gia; Sinh viên; Quá trình học online; Đại dịch Covid
Từ khóa phụ Sử dụng;
Từ khóa địa lý
Từ khóa tiếng anh Online learning, Quizzi application, assessment tools, formative assessment.